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   The Stair Doctor focuses on providing quality work when repairing your staircase. Based in

N​orth Jersey, we take pride in Restoring and Repairing the main focal point in your home. We take out the squeaks , Replace Treads, Risers, and Rails. Some of our materials are custom made to order. All of our work is done up to state code. We are second to none in quality and use nothing but the best materials.

( Give your stair​case a second chance, We can make make your staircase stronger , safer and more attractive for less )

Don't let Fake stair guys empty your pockets . Call the Stair Doctor for an accurate inspection from a stair professional .


If your looking for a Prefab stair, I'm not the one to call. . When building, repairing or restoring your staircase we  take our time and make sure the work is done correctly only once and turn it into a stair that will last another century. Taking an old staircase apart and rebuilding it takes precise measuring and skilled techniques to accomplish.

During the Repair or restoration, your staircase will be walk able every night . Unlike every other stair company or general contractor will always suggest removing the sheet rock behind the stair , but what you don't think of, is the extra costs . 

*Some don't stain.

*Some don't install railings.

*Some don't install treads.

*Some don't paint

*Some just have no clue what their talking about 

Whether you have a long list of stair repairs or just want to remodel your staircase , get it all out of the way with The Stair Doctor . We are focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction. We do everything we can to meet your budget and expectations. Based out of West Essex , NJ. we service all surrounding counties. We are second to none . I'm sure you'll be happy with our work. Look around our website and if you have any questions please feel free to click on the contact tab and choose one of the different methods of contact.

We are fully insured, with proof of insurance upon request.)

* Focusing on restoring and/or repairing old staircases. Every staircase has its own story. Staircases are a part of your homes history. Each staircase deserves a second chance but only one person specializes in old staircases. Not like every other stair company , The Stair Doctor is a complete Stair Repair and Restoration company. Which include the repair , re-model , and restoration of all staircases. We are a one stop shop for all your staircase needs.



*Structural work


*Newel Posts





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