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Give Your Staircase A Second Chance. 

Split Treads ? 

Cracked Risers ? 

Are your treads separating from the wall ?

Do your steps sink when stepped on ? 

Is your staircase loud and squeaky ? 

No Problem . Let our skilled Stair carpenters give you the stair you've always wanted. 

What We Do



We Repair every part of a Staircase , balusters  , treads , railings , and risers.


Does your old stair mean anything to you? Want to save history? We provide full restoration for any staircase. We Restore ,  replicate and duplicate any newel post , baluster or railing.


Shims and frame work under your stair might be useless and needs to be rebuilt .  Most People don't know that individual steps can be replaced. Our custom made 

S.D. Crutches make it possible.


Meet & Inspect

We set up a meeting where we are able to discuss what the staircase needs, if there are any issues. Measurements and photos will be taken of the entire staircase. Fee. $25


The Estimate


An estimate will be sent to you by email. This Estimate will provide a cost for the work requested , along with a potential started date, a deposit amount and a scheduled payment plan. If agreed the estimate will give an option to sign electronically and will accept payment by ( cash or Venmo Only ) " No checks")


Once the deposit is paid and the estimate is signed, an invoice will  automatically be generated  and our next available start date will be noted on the contract.

This invoice must also be signed to show an agreement on the new information posted on the invoice.

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